How do I setup a catchall Email in Plesk?
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A catch all email address can come in handy when you need to send an email address to an email that doesn't exist. A catchall can help also catch emails that may have typos in them.

Enabling catch all email:

- Login to Plesk (the login information can be found in your welcome email)
- Click on "Domains" and then click on the domain that you wish to edit
- Now, click on "Mail" and then click on "Preferences"
- Here, you will need to set what you wish to do with messages sent to a "nonexistent" user

There are three different options:

Bounce ? messages that arrive and there is no mailbox present will be sent back to the original sender.

Catch to Address ? All messages will be accepted and forwarded to this email address. We strongly recommend that you use an internal email (such as instead of a webmail service such as Gmail, or Yahoo!

Discard ? This means that any message sent to a nonexistent user will be discarded (deleted) without sending a bounce back message to the original sender.
Select, and review your choices above and then click "OK" to confirm the changes.

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