Can I restrict administrator access to my Plesk Control Panel?
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by on 15 July 2009 02:53 PM
1. Select the Server shortcut in the navigation panel.

2. Click the Access icon on the Server administration page.

3. Compile a list of IP addresses from which you want (or do not want) your Plesk managed server to be accessed:
- To add an item to the list, click Add New Network and specify the IP address and subnet mask, and click OK.
- To remove an item from the list, select the respective check box and click Remove Selected.

4. Select the policy that suits your needs:
- choose to allow connections from all addresses except for the listed networks, or
- deny connections from all addresses, except for the listed ones.

5. Click Set. The confirmation box will open, prompting you to confirm the mode change. Click Ok.

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