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Do you offer disk and tape backups of my Colocated server?
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by Jorge Blanco on 19 December 2016 02:56 PM

Yes, Turnkey Colocation provides a FREE 10 Gigabyte disk sync service with your colocated server. All TurnKey Disk Sync space is mirrored amongst 4 geographic redundant datacenters - meaning in the event of a natural disaster, your disk sync backup will be available from one of our other datacenters. TurnKey Colocation can provide additional capacity/size as needed beyond the FREE 10 Gigabyte disk sync service. Most colocation providers don't offer this service, or charge up to $50 a month! This is just another one of the added value services included with all TurnKey Colocation services, and the geographic redundancy of all the backups may even save you money on your Business insurance! We can rotate tape backups on your server as per the TurnKey Service Options and Upgrades page.

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