Helpdesk Features
Posted by Sean Sullivan, Last modified by Sean Sullivan on 31 March 2010 02:59 PM
- WYSIWYG Editor
- Wide Screen | Large Work Space
- Color indications to improve user visibility
- Staff Access Control
- Email Templates
- Faster Ticket Operations
- Multiple Personalities with Multiple Signatures
- Customized Tool Bar
- No Pagination for Ticket Replies
- Ticket Statuses | Priorities | Flags | Labels | Filters
- Tree View Ticket categorization
- Common Admin & Staff Login
- Evaluating Staff Performance via detailed reports
- Improved Private Messaging
- Pre-defined replies
- Custom Troubleshooting steps
- Custom Knowledgebase
- Custom Downloads
- Custom News
- Multple users and departments


Smart Vision - Ticket Alert System
Smart Vision is a windows application built on .NET Technology. Its a Ticket Alert system that sends alerts to your staff about new tickets, updated tickets, new scrap messages and much more..
The application allows you to be online and keep eye on your helpdesk activities without actually login to web-based helpdesk.
The alerts are send in real time which becomes helpful for staff to maintain the ticket SLA’s.

* New tickets, Updated tickets, Scrap Alerts in Real Time.
* Staff to Staff Scrap communication.
* Setup visual and sound effects for alerts.
* Tree structure of Departments & Status — Access to tickets on one click.
* Alerts can be customized based on your requirements.
* Reduces response time increasing productivity with real time alerts.
* Staff can send Private Message to other online staffs.

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