Use WHMCS to Create Alpha Master or WHM Account
Posted by Sean Sullivan, Last modified by on 06 December 2010 02:27 PM
First read the article about the autogrant feature and confirm that everything is working inside WHM and inside of WHM with ZamFoo Autogrant before introducing another vendor's application into the mix. WHMCS when configured correctly interacts perfectly with ZamFoo because it hooks directly into the WHM account creation function at account creation time.

Some people may encounter problems where clients are recieving ZamFoo access but not obtaining the correct WHM priviledges in the left IFRAME. This can be cause by a couple of things.

First check that you have entered the correct package name into WHMCS. WHMCS may prepend your login credentials to the packagename. If you created 'testpackage' and you have provided WHMCS with a username 'root' it may be sending 'root_testpackage' to WHM and down line to ZamFoo. Always try and use root credentials in WHMCS.

Next check to see if you have entered a Reseller ACL name. If you have populated this box then the Reseller ACL must also be stored in WHM. You can create a Reseller ACL in Reseller Center when logged in as the Root user. Ensure that the Reseller ACL name matches what you have in WHMCS for each package.

Next check to ensure that the clients do not own their own account after being created via WHMCS. If the accounts are not owned by root or by another account with ZamFoo access many or all functions in ZamFoo will not work properly.

Next obtain the Addon module we have coded to suspend, unsuspend and terminate the entire account chain via the WHMCS automated action hooks if desired. You can download it from

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