My Sound Works in other applications but not in Voxwire
Posted by Bob Andrew, Last modified by Bob Andrew on 21 August 2011 01:40 PM
1. The first thing to check (if they are using Windows) is look at Windows Main Menu >Settings > Control Panel > Sound > Recording Panel, click on "Microphone", click on "Properties", click on "Levels" and ensure the mic is not muted.

2. If using non-english character set: due to a bug in flash player 10.3, if the microphone driver has any non-english characters or accents, the microphone may not be recognized.

You can fix the problem by downloading/installing a newer Flash version than 10.3 (better) OR by renaming the driver using the following steps (please note the items may have different names depending on your windows version and language):

1. Open Control Panel on your computer.
2. Find the Audio/Sound devices category.
3. Control Audio/Sound Devices
4. Select the Record tab
5. Change the name of your microphone to English. For example, from “Micrófono” to “Microfono” (without accent; English characters only).
6. Click Apply.
7. Restart your computer.
8. Open preferences when you enter the Voxwire room and make sure to select the new Microphone.
9. Done.

Adobe Flash is working on this bug and may already have a different Flash Player version other than 10.3 to download.

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