How to create/manage resellers
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Zamfoo hierarchy

  • Alpha Resellers can create Master Resellers, WHM Resellers and cpanel users.
  • Master Resellers can create WHM resellers and cpanel users.
  • WHM Resellers can create just cpanel users.
  • Alpha Resellers use the Zamfoo::Alpha Reseller link in the Plugins section. 
  • Master Resellers use the Zamfoo::Master Reseller link in the Plugins section.

Setting up auto grant rights

  • In WHM, create new packages as needed for each type of account you want to be able to provision (Master, WHM, and cpanel) using the Add Package function.  Do not use the Dedicated IP option in packages if you do not have enough IP's.  
  • Once the packages have been created, go to the respective Zamfoo management link as listed above and use the Grant Autorights link to give each package their proper Reseller rights.
  • Once this is done Zamfoo will automatically upgrade an account to the proper Reseller rights upon account creation using the Create Account function.
  • For existing accounts or to upgrade/downgrade an account, use the Upgrade/Downgrade Account link.
  • If you have multiple IP's, you can assign IP's to RESELLERS ONLY...not cPanel accounts.  Open support tickets if you need an IP assigned to a cPanel account.

Using WHMCS to create accounts

If you are using WHMCS, create your products at NORMAL cPanel hosting accounts, NOT cPanel reseller accounts.   Zamfoo will do the upgrade to Reseller as long as the package being called during creation has been granted auto rights as described above.

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