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Credit Card Authorization Form
Posted by Brian Ellwood, Last modified by Brian Ellwood on 29 March 2016 10:33 AM

Thank you for placing your online order with TurnKey Internet for web hosting services. We will provision your new order with high priority once you reply to this email.
During your online order process, our order system detected that additional details are required to complete your order.

This is most likely because you may be traveling and not currently located in the same area as your billing details indicated, or you may beusing an International credit card (which requires additional verification to complete your order).

Please understand this is a one time procedure, and is done to protect you from any un-authorized purchases. 

Please reply to this email with copies of the following documents:
1) Print and complete the attached CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION FORM
2) Please scan or take a photograph of your Picture ID (driver's license, government ID, or passport).
3) Please scan or take a photograph of the front and back of the billing credit card you are using for this purchase (it must match the details from item (1) above).

Please scan the above documents into electronic format or you can use a cell phone camera, to quickly photo graph each item, then reply to this email with the attached documents or photo graphs.

You can also email them directly to 

If you have any questions please phone 518-618-0999 or email to our sales team at

This is a measure we take on all orders to help protect you and insure the integrity of our network against Internet fraud. Please note, we do NOT accept orders utilizing PROXY services, or placed through remote web servers, you will need to always place your order from your home or work computer so that your billing details can be validated based on your IP address.

Thank you once again for your order, we appreciate your business.

 turnkey internet credit card authorization form.pdf (110.44 KB)

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