How do I register my own Name Servers
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Dedicated Server and Virtual Server (VPS) hosting accounts can run their own name servers for even more flexibility and ease of use when setting up domain names. The process of setting up a name server requires that you contact the specific registrar where your purchased your primary domain name from - to 'register your name server'. You will simply contact them with the ip address (or 2) of your name server(s). NOTE: Dedicated Server hosting accounts typically come with multiple ip addresses, so you can simply pick any of the 2 IP's to use. Virtual Server (VPS) hosting accounts typically come with just 1 IP address, so you can either choose to purchase a second IP address from TurnKey Internet, or register just 1 name server (or 2 name servers using the SAME single ip address).

Here is how to set up a name server for a domain name registered through these alternate registrars:

  • Directi Name Server Setup
  • Yahoo Name Server Setup
  • Enom Name Server Setup
    1. Login to your account at .
    2. Look under Domains then click on Advanced.
    3. Click on create name servers.
    4. Enter the host name of your first name server in the entry box labeled "Host". The most common names are "ns1" or"dns1". For example, or
    5. Just below, add the IP of the nameserver in the "IP Address" entry boxes. For example,
    6. You will need to create at least 2 nameservers. To create a second nameserver, repeat steps 4 to 5. Common practice dictates that the second nameserver will be named "ns2" or "dns2". For example, or
    7. For the ip address of the second name server, use any of your server's ip addresses. If you only have 1 ip address, then use the same ip address as step 5.
    8. You have successfully created your own nameservers. Remember that your changes may take up to 72 hours to take effect (propagate).

  • GoDaddy Name Server Setup
    To register your name server(s) with Go Daddy, follow these instructions:

    #1 Log in to your Account Manager.
    #2 In the My Products section, click Domains.
    #3 Click the domain for which you want to create a name server on.
    #4 In the Host Summary section (bottom left of your screen), click
    "add" (Go Daddy uses the term 'host' which in this case is the same as a
    name server)
    #5 In the Host name field, enter the name server 'host name' you want to
    register such as "ns1" or "ns2". NOTE: Do not enter "www" as part of
    your host name.
    #6 In the Host IP fields, enter the IP address you were assigned for
    your TurnKey Internet virtual server or dedicated server. You should
    just enter '1' I{ address here (even though there are multiple
    #7 Click OK
    #8 Repeat steps #4 through #7 for additional name servers (such as ns2,
    ns3, etc).


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