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How do I remotely manage and update my Colocated Server?
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by Randi O on 27 April 2016 08:51 PM

Since the Colocated equipment is yours, you can decide what software to install for remote management. Most equipment already will have web based or telnet based remote management support, and most windows servers already have built in remote management capability. Unix based Colocated servers typically support SSH which is a secure encrypted method of remotely managing servers. SSH is a replacement for the older insecure protocols such as ftp, rlogin and telnet.

TurnKey Internet highly recommends
SCP for for managing any server capable of the SSH protocol, it is the fastest most secure way to send and receive files to your Colocated Server (even faster than FTP). You can also use PuTTY: (, and SecureCRT: ( You are free to install any software on your Colocated equipment for remote management, and TurnKey Colocation offers a TurnKey 'remote hands' administration service utilizing just a web browser to attach to our custom KVM (keyboard Video Mouse) Switch that can directly manipulate your server (as if you were at the screen typing on the keyboard, looking at the monitor and moving the mouse!). This TurnKey 'remote hands' administration service is ideal for emergency recovery, booting into multiple operating systems, bios or system changes, and other non standard remote management needs.

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