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How is bandwidth usage measured?
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Bandwidth is metered at the Cisco Catalyst 2950 switch port for both incoming and outgoing data transfer to your server and data is recorded every 5 minutes. TurnKey Colocation offers 95th percentile bandwidth billing, which provides up to double the bandwidth usage of most colocation providers since you can pass traffic in both directions simultaneously (where as other colocation providers combine traffic in both directions against the same total monthly Gigabyte data transfer limit). TurnKey Colocation lets you use your bandwidth (standard packages include 1 Megabit, about 2/3 of a T1 line) of 95th percentile bandwidth in both directions simultaneously (in essence meaning you could have 2 Megabit of traffic running 24 hours a day!). Our billing system ignores the top 5% of your bandwidth usage, meaning you can burst to full 100 Megabit/second speeds for roughly 48 hours a month without ever going over any preset bandwidth commitment levels.

In order to determine the 95th percentile bandwidth usage, readings are taking every 5 minutes from your Cisco Catalyst 2950 switch port to determine the 5 minute bandwidth average (taking the higher of the 2 readings of input and output, since we don't count both together, you can run simultaneous full speeds!). At the end of your billing cycle, the top 5% of the readings (the highest peaks in bandwidth usage) are discarded and the next highest point is your monthly bandwidth usage.

For Example: Here you see a busy server that utilized almost 100mbit bursts, and many 20 to 50 mbit sustained transfers over multiple days of both inbound and outbound traffic (remember we only take the highest of the inbound or outbound traffic every 5 minutes, instead of combining and totaling them like some providers do!). The 95th percentile usage however is only 6mbit, as show by the red line (everything above the red line is part of the 5% that the billing system ignores). As you can see, 95th percentile billing means you can use a lot of bandwidth without huge costs!

TurnKey Colocation offers a huge advantage in our 95th percentile billing plans, letting your business use up to double the bandwidth that other colocation providers will offer you. Bandwidth over your monthly allowance will be billed as per the TurnKey
Service Options and Upgrades page.

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