Configuring an IMAP email account with SSL in ThunderBird
Posted by TurnKey Admin on 30 March 2016 11:25 AM

This demo assumes you've already opened ThunderBird.

1) Let's learn how to setup an IMAP email account with SSL in ThunderBird. Click on the file menu to continue.

2) Click on New.

3) Click on Existing Mail Account.

4) Type your name.

5) Type your email address.

6) Select this option if you want to remember your password.

7) Type your password.

8) Click on continue.

It will fill in these settings automatically, but let's choose manual config to choose the settings manually.

9) Click on Manual config.

The IMAP protocol is already selected. Make sure the server hostname is

The Port should be 993. Let's select it.

10) Select 993 from the list.

Notice that SSL automatically changed to SSL/TLS. Keep it as it is.

Please change authentication to normal password.

11) Select Normal password from the list.

Make sure the server hostname for SMTP is also

The SSL port for SMTP should be 465. Let's change it.

12) Select 465 from the list.

Notice that as we changed the port, SSL is automatically changed to SSL/TLS. Leave it as it is.

Now change authentication to normal password.

13) Select normal password from the list.

14) Click on done to finish the setup.

Your account set up is done.

This is the end of the tutorial. Now you know how to configure an IMAP account with SSL in ThunderBird.

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