How to Use Apt-Get to Install Software on Ubuntu/Debian
Posted by Randi O on 31 March 2016 02:50 PM

The APT is the tool, commonly used to install packages, remotely from the software repository. In short it's a simple command based tool that you use to install files/softwares. Complete command is apt-get and it's the easiest way to install files/Softwares packages. 

How to Use Apt-Get to Install Software on Ubuntu/Debian

  1. It can also like apt-get download and install packages from a repository.


apt-get install {Package name}


  1. To remove software packages, just use remove


apt-get remove {package name}


The software packages are somewhere in the online repositoies, APT handles a local database on the user's hard drive that contains informations about the available packages and where they are located. So when the types the command, apt-get install conky, the APT will start finding the package named conky in the database and will install conky once user types 'y' (yes). To get the all newly uploaded packages on the repositories, user need to update APT regularly.

  1. To update APT database:


apt-get update


  1. To update the APT database and also upgrade the security updates and patches that might be available for some installed softwares, users may do it at once just by using the commands like this:


apt-get update; apt-get upgrade


  1. And remember all of the package management tools I am discussing, will need user to be in root or superuser, for example to install software in debian based distributions you will use apt-get followed by sudo then It will ask you to enter password.


sudo apt-get install conky

sudo apt-get remove conky

sudo apt-get update


The above steps will assist you in installing, removing, and updating software. If you are in need of additional assistance fell free to contact our 24/7 support.

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