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Terminating a Virtual Machine
Posted by Randi O, Last modified by Randi O on 27 April 2016 09:02 PM

The following will guide you on how to create a Virtual Machine within your cloud panel.

Terminating a Virtual Machine

  1. Login to your Cloud Reseller Client Area
  2. At the top of the page, you will see Home, Virtual Servers, and Users. Click Virtual Server
  3. Find the server you wish to remove. On the right side of the server, next to User, click Manage
  4. In the Controls section, you will find several tabs. Click the Delete tab
  5. Click Delete Virtual Server followed by yes
  6. Once complete the server will no longer exist

Please be sure to keep backups of all servers and accounts. Once the account is removed it will free up the resources that the server was using

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