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Reboot/Shutdown from VPS Management
Posted by Randi O, Last modified by Randi O on 27 April 2016 09:02 PM

The following will guide you on how to reboot/shutdown the server through cloud server panel.

Reboot/Shutdown from VPS Management

  1. Access your VPS Management using
  2. You will then enter your username and password (these items can be found in your turnkey client area under services tab, and then click View Details).
  3. Find the server you wish to reload an image on. Click manage.
  4. Under the Controls, locate the buttons that state Reboot (blue button) and Shutdown (red)
  5. Click Reboot to reboot the server
  6. Click Shutdown to shutdown server

Once complete, you will be able to reboot or shut down your virtual private server or cloud server.

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