Accessing your Vision Helpdesk
Posted by Randi O on 31 March 2016 03:16 PM

The following will guide you on how to access your Vision Helpdesk. You will be able to create additional departments, and setup alerts for new tickets.

Accessing your Vision Helpdesk

  1. Navigate your web browser to to access your administrator support login.
  2. Enter your username and password (You will find your login credentials in your welcome email).
  3. Note your clients will be able to navigate to http:// to request assistance
  4. If you choose to use an external DNS system and not the one in your Turnkey Internet Ultimate Reseller cPanel account for your domain you will need to update your external DNS service with the following information in order for the client side to function:

support 14400 IN CNAME  (The period at the end is very important)

  1. You have successfully logged into your helpdesk

If you have trouble accessing the client side of the helpdesk, this might be due to DNS caching.  If you can't access it within 24 hours, please open a ticket at

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