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Generating a CSR - Certificate Signing Request
Posted by Randi O on 17 May 2016 03:27 PM

Generating a CSR

A Certificate Signing Request or CSR contains information about your company and domain name for verification by a CA. To create one using Virtualmin, do the following :

    Select the domain with the SSL website you need a certificate for from the left menu.
    Open the Server Configuration section, and click on Manage SSL Certificate.
    Go to the Signing Request tab, and fill in the form there. The Server name must be the hostname that will be used in the URL when accessing your website. This can be like , or even * if your CA supports wildcard certificates.
    Click the Generate CSR Now button.

This will create both a CSR and an SSL private key, and display them in Virtualmin. The CSR is just a block of text starting with —--BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST—--, and must be send to the CA of your choice using whatever means they require.

Do NOT generate a new CSR after this point, as this will over-write your private key. The key and certificate must match for them to be used by Apache!

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