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What do I need to become a TurnKey Internet affiliate?
Posted by - NA - on 09 July 2009 02:12 PM
There is nothing required, no fees or setup costs of any kind. You don't even need to have a web hosting account with TurnKey Internet. You just need a desire to make money, and 5 minutes of your time to sign up and get started.

You do not need a website (although having a web site will help you earn commissions quicker). You can promote TurnKey Internet's products and services via search engines, postings on Internet blogs and forums, or by simply emailing your friends and people you know.

All you need to do is to send visitors to the TurnKey Internet web site via a special link (called your TurnKey Internet "affiliate link"). When the visitor buys web hosting products and services from TurnKey Internet, you will get 100% of the first month's recurring service fee.

For instance, the Enterprise Series Dedicated Server has a monthly recurring fee of $299. If you refer a client to us who signed up for this package, you would be paid $299 as a commission -- and all you have to do is put a simple web banner on your web site to start earning now!

Be sure to read the complete Affiliate & Reseller Terms and Conditions for additional details.

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