How to create a cPanel account
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Create a cPanel Account?

Before you can create a cPanel account, you must create a package in WHM. 

You will need to fill out the following domain information when creating the cPanel account:

Email address

WHM will suggest a username, if you press the "tab" key on your keyboard after typing in the domain name. 

Please keep in mind the following criteria, when creating a username:

May consist of 8 characters or less
Due to recent cPanel updates, Reseller accounts and VPS or Dedicated servers with the most recent version of cPanel may create usernames which are 16 characters or less.
Must be letters and numbers only with no spaces
May not use special characters or spaces
You may not use the username of "root" or "shadow"


TurnKey recommends you use the Password Generator tool, when creating your password.

It is important you use a secure, unique password.
The password should never contain the cPanel username or be the same as your WHM password. 


The email address used will be the email account to receive notices regarding the account. 



Choose a pre-configured package or select the resource options manually. 

The drop-down menu contains the list of any packages you have already created. 



Here you choose to allow CGI Access, select the cPanel theme, and choose the cPanel language. 


Reseller Settings

Here you have the option to make the cPanel account a reseller account or not. Reseller accounts have access to WHM, just at a limited amount. 


DNS Settings

This section allows you to set the nameservers you have specified at your domain registar, or use the default nameservers set on the server.  


Mail Routng

This section allows you to set the mail routing preference.  If the email is not going to be hosted on your TurnKey account. Please make sure this setting is set to "Remote"

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