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What is a name server?
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When using a domain name (for email, web hosting, and just parking a domain) it must reside on a host computer, called a Domain Name Server (DNS). Domain Name Servers are connected to the internet and use special software to translate domain names into the numerical addresses (Internet Protocol numbers) used by the Internet. When internet users enter your domain name into their browser bar, the Domain Name Server directs them to your web site. Without it, your domain name is invisible on the Internet. Normally when you register a domain name with TurnKey Internet, you simply will use the TurnKey Internet name servers:,,,

If you registered your domain through another registrar, you will most likely use their name servers. Dedicated Server and Virtual Server (VPS) hosting accounts can run their own name servers for even more flexibility and ease of use when setting up domain names.

Wherever your domain resides for the name servers, is where you will make the specific dns configuration for your domain to point email and web addresses at for the proper ip address that you will be assigned when ordering email or hosting services from TurnKey Internet.

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