What is a Virtual Private Server?
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Virtual Private Server (VPS) Technology is a new technology based on the concept of partitions on mainframes and advanced resource scheduling to divide computers into many virtually isolated servers. A VPS simply put is, a server that runs inside another server. VPS's are now offered as an advanced web hosting platform providing superior performance, security and cost savings over standard 'shared hosting' options of the past. Each VPS acts like a dedicated server but shares hardware. Also known as a Virtual Dedicated Computer, Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS), Virtual Machine, vserver, semi-dedicated, virtual colocation, shared dedicated, or virtual node - the TurnKey Virtual Private Server (VPS) technology provides you with a true dedicated private server environment, for a fraction of the cost of managing your own physical computer. Virtual Private Server technology is the next evolution in high end web hosting, with all the benefits of playing like a big shot, and none of the headaches.

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