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What is a VLAN, and why is it Secure?
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by Jorge Blanco on 19 December 2016 03:04 PM

VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) allows multiple colocated servers to behave as if they were connected to a single network segment to directly and securely communicate. VLAN's are very useful for Colocated servers which need more than 1 IP address for the same server (such as if you plan to host multiple web sites or applications that need multiple IPs). VLAN's separate the resources and servers of other users in the colocation facility making them invisible to each of the other VLAN members. VLAN's provide increased performance through segmenting the network more effectively by restrict the dissemination of broadcast as well as node-to-node traffic, so the burden of extraneous traffic is reduced throughout the network. Security is also greatly improved since all packets traveling between VLAN's must also pass through the TurnKey Colocation routers and firewalls. TurnKey Colocation is committed to ensuring your performance, security and privacy by utilizing the best technology available.

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