Annual Power and Battery Backup Maintenance [FOLLOW UP]
Posted by Joe S on 17 September 2020 07:55 PM

In accordance with the maintenance notification posted prior to our helpdesk technicians from the UPS manufacture, Vertiv, are on site today performing annual testing and preventative maintenance to power and battery backup systems. 

During this maintenance performed by the Vertiv technicians, a failed firmware update to our POD 3 UPS power modules has disabled redundancy features. The system remains in bypass mode while we await replacement parts to resolve the problem. These parts are expected to arrive tomorrow morning, but during this overnight waiting period our building will remain on generator power.

While most of the data center remains protected by multiple layers of power and battery backup, limited areas of the data center (those powered by POD 3's UPS, and without A/B power) are currently operating without redundancy. Our staff has audited these areas and identified any services that may be at risk of impact should the generator encounter problems. 

While we do have multiple generators, and utility power to the building is good, the transfer of power from one source to another in the event of an issue with the current generator source, will cause a brief power disruption to any impacted services due to the bypass status of the POD 3 UPS.

We do not anticipate any problems or issues or service impact, we are notifying you proactively so that you are aware of the change in redundancy status. In the event a service impacting event does occur you would be notified separately. 

To reiterate the scope, this overnight risk effects only services and equipment powered by POD 3's UPS, and only if those same services / equipment are not configured with A / B power sources.

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